Masterpiece Puzzle Game


Back in 2009 I came up with an idea for a very simple strategy game. Thankfully in that year I also had the good fortune to be joining the very first run of the Game Design and Production unit at UTAS along with a friend of mine David Brough from back in my old Warhammer gaming days. We ran with my idea for Masterpiece as our game project.
David worked on the 3D models and the mouse control scripts …aaand I kind of took over and did everything else… (Still feel bad for that. David is actually a very competent programmer and there was no reason for me to take over.). The result was that instead of simply producing a prototype of a game, we wound up producing an early version of an almost complete game – mostly after I spent an entire weekend without sleep obsessed with programming the game AI. The documentation and presentation we jointly worked on was quite good and as a result both of us received HDs for that project – and for the unit overall in fact.

There are single player, multiplayer hotseat and multiplayer network (though not confident at how well the networking will work) modes, you can adjust quite a lot of the settings, including game mode settings as well. So feel free to download and play the game. Instructions are included in the game.  :)
I had intended to come back to Masterpiece and re-make it in a newer version of unity with better scripting and better models (neither of us really had much of a clue when we were making it), and even game modes that would allow more than 2 players. The problem is though that I no longer have access to a pro version of unity and as such the complex Camera stuff such as the rear-vision cam is no longer available to me. This was also among the projects I thought I had lost. However while I have these two versions, I lack the original Unity project. That means that I would need to start completely from scratch again.

One day I will!

Here are the current versions for the time being though:

Mac Version (I assume x86)
Windows Version (again, assuming x86)


Screenshot of the instructions here


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