Green World quick update


It has been a while and a lot of work has gone into the Green World game. My artists have been very busy so I resorted to grabbing some free/cheap models online so that development would not slow down.
In particular I would like to note the brilliant asset pack by ManufacturaK4 who’s mushrooms currently feature prominently in the game. Go to Michael’s facebook page and make sure you click like to support a brilliant graphic artist. I would also like to thank KrushRythmics from NewGrounds for the current soundtrack in use in the game. Quite a cool little tune that is the closest I could find to what I felt fit the game. Though still a little too.. “urgent” I think.
I would really appreciate feedback from anyone. :)

The current game changes from version 8 are:

  • Changed from tick system to action queue system – this was a huge change that fundamentally altered the behavior of weather and the ecosystems
  • Added Sprite interface in-game
  • Added aether (the “resource” used for casting spells) and base for the magic system and divinity systems – though remains disabled due to key components still missing and some of the behavior being odd as a result
  • Added a front menu to start a new game, complete with a little 3D scene.
  • Added mushroom forests
  • Added in-game music and a little speaker box that allows you to change the volume – should in theory work on touch screens by swiping (up-down on the bars) or tapping the bars on the box
  • Added a forward chaining inference engine to individual Community scripts so they can work out new information as a collective – This will later form the basis for “science” advancement in the game also
  • Added a small Neural Network to each Community so they can solve minor problems – such as sea level changes, weather and ecosystem issues that may affect them
  • Added a small Neural Network to each Religion so they can adapt to social changes, weights are determined using Genetic Algorithms
  • Removed some of the touchscreen controls that were causing problems (will re-add them later though). Menu items still all work on touchscreens in theory
  • Improved global weather systems to allow for a more stable “planet”
  • Improved Ecosystem balances
  • Improved cloud performance
  • Improved real-time update performance
  • Improved time to build a world
  • Improved lighting
  • Solved some bugs with hex tile changes
  • Smoothed some of the mouse controls
  • Upgraded core system to Unity 4.5.1f3

Changes from the last version I uploaded (version 5) to version 8 are:

  • Improved model performance
  • Improved real-time update performance
  • Added complete self-evolving and organising Ecosystems to “planet”
  • Added complete rain and snow. For some reason the snow does not show up correctly, so disabled for now
  • Added variations in aquatic and land ecosystem behavior to account for being underwater (because.. it does make a difference you know.. lol)
  • Added in sentient organisms – though they do not show up and have no way to interact yet, they are hiding in the mushroom forests in the background
  • Added Networking – though disabled due to performance issues
  • Added SQL database for storing world – though disabled due to performance issues
  • Added Touchscreen interface – though nothing in the GUI is using it right now
  • Unity 3.x for all of these builds

The files are here:

Windows x86 (zip)
Windows x64 (zip)

OSX x64 (7z)

I can upload other builds for desktops (including Linux).
Mobile and console versions will not be available.

Short note on my “build/version” numbering:
I have been jumping between 3 different systems. 
At the next milestone I am going to switch to a more standard version numbering system and it will begin from Version 0.1.0 using x.y.z format where x is major versions with all milestones complete, y is a milestone, z is a minor fix/change. I will also start maintaining a windows, mac and linux x86 and x64 build for each new major version and windows x86 only builds for milestone and minor change versions – though other versions can be made available on request.

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