What is lost is now found!!


“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” - The Jabberwocky

I had a bunch of old games I had made in various forms in my college days and early University days. I had until today thought that I had lost them in a past virus attack, or accidentally deleted them. Turns out my youngest child had renamed the folder to “fhhjjkskujjhshhh” and then dumped it 4 layers deep in other folders…

One of my proudest games programmer moments was my re-creation of PacMan in 6502 assembly language. The language used by the old Atari and Commodore CPUs.
Hardly a work of art, and it simulates a little clumsily. But hey.. it is 6502. lol.

Big fan of programming students learning how to program 6502 or something similar. Understanding how microprocessors and volatile memory access works, as well as the basic logic that anyone who works in electronics would be familiar with, makes learning “the zen of programming” much easier (apparently this is what I teach, not how to be a software engineer or how to program, but how to mentally zen programs from the aether… Thanks to David (Ni) Wong, a good friend of mine and a good computer programmer himself, for the quote). Knowing the logic and the underlying hardware functionality is extremely important to developing efficient algorithms IMO, as well as having a very good imagination.

Anyway, to run this you will need a good assembler/dissembler. Check out 6502.org for resources. I have an old really good piece of software that I will bundle into a zip and upload here also.

Note: If you own this software and have a problem with me sharing it here, please contact me and I can correct this. I tried to find the original website to link to instead but was unable.

I hope you all enjoy!! :D

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